Confessions of A Goddess was founded in January of 2016. COG is a runway show that showcases unique designs by selective Boutiques and Designers, however, there is so much more that comes from this production. Our motto is "Unlock the Inner Goddess" and our goal is that every model, stylist, designer, photographer, blogger, sponsor, vendor, and non-profit organization will be sure to leave with something new released! A production that is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs, models, and entertainers to showcase their creativity.



COG adopted "It's A Girl Thing", a non-profit organization for young teen girls. The organization's mission is to Encourage, then Equip and Empower young Queens. A portion of the show's proceeds is donated to the organization annually to continue its great work. 


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Beware of the Gold Rush

I am the owner and founder of Marvalous Shoes. Marvalous Shoes was launched April 2018 as an online based shoe store. Created out of the love and passion for cute, uniquely designed styles of women shoes. My belief is that shoes are the “heart and soul” of a women’s outfit. This belief birth my mission to offer a variety of the latest trendy, fashionable shoes with affordable prices as well as great quality. July 2018 was the very first vending opportunity with the COG pop-up shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, followed by our very first showcasing at one of the hottest fashion shows in Duval County. We flooded the runway of the 3rd annual COG fashion show with our amazing styles from Marvalous Shoes. In October 2018, we partnered with Lakecia Walker, owner of Simply Kesay Boutique and founder of COG, and opened a boutique in the Shoppes of North Pearl. COG gave us the platform to brand our business with integrity and we look forward to the future expansion of this partnerships.





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Beauty at every angle

Auzena Maree is a professional, vibrant, and persistent with great techniques. Always considerate of others inputs. Her objective to assist her clients with their overall wellbeing by not only enhancing their outer beauty but also by nurturing their spirit through the power of touch. Feeling welcome and astonishingly exultant with every experience.


Tomitchell Pratcher

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Real Estate Expert & Business Development Manager

Powerhouse businesswoman and astute business advocate. Tomitchell Pratcher is one of the industry’s savviest talents today. 




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Founder and Boss of

Simply Ke'say Boutique | Confessions of a Goddess

I knew I wanted to do a Fashion Show, however, it was much bigger than that. I was working with my Marketing PR Tomitchell Pratcher and we were tossing around a few ideas which she and I would always be on the same page.


While I love fashion, my goal was to be a blessing to others while pursuing my dream.





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A production full of opportunities

Kristen Hodges is an insurance sales entrepreneur. She worked in the pharmaceutical and mortgage servicing industry for the past 18 years and is now educating members of the community on health, life and financial insurance planning. Kristen has a bachelors in Business Development and Leadership from Jacksonville University and is pursuing a masters in Project Management from St. Leo University. She is an active volunteer and participant with Boy Scouts of America, Junior Achievement and the PTSA. Kristen is currently partnering with small business owners to establish growth strategies, increase profitability and manage service operations. She is pleased to partner with Simply Ke’say Boutique and COG.





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Founder of Gaze Concept 

& Common Creative Agency

Web/Graphic Designer for COG & SKB

Imagine a place that can be utilized as a one-stop shop for everything design, technology & wardrobe. All of our services offered at Common Creative will take you beyond the rest. Gaze Concept is another extension of Kayleigh's vision. A curated collection of pieces to make a statement at any time you wish. Working with designers and independent labels around the globe. Bringing you the best in identity branding, web & graphic design... and of course fashion.


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